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Dutch Restaurant | Pepe Grill-Restaurant | Baak

Looking for a restaurant with Dutch food, but don't know where to go? For more variety we also serve American cuisine for you to enjoy. Make yourself comfortable on sunny days in our private outdoor seating area. You'll also feel relaxed in our air-conditioned interior, no matter the outside temperature.

- Your new favourite restaurant with WiFi - Choose any one of our Dutch meals and experience something amazing. Enjoy our tasty dishes and treat yourself to a wide range of refreshing drinks. Our various regional dishes and salad bar have something for every taste. As a dessert or whenever you get a craving, you can enjoy our yummy ice cream as well as wholesome bread. We're always happy to serve you a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner in a relaxing atmosphere. Our wide-ranging buffet of tasty dishes and desserts offers you variety with every bite and is wide-ranging for families to share a meal together. Stay up to date while you relax using our free WiFi. So that all our guests feel welcome, we also have a private smoking area for your convenience.

- Dietary requirements - Our expertly prepared halal and vegetarian specialties are some of our most popular items on the menu! You'd like to dine with us, but are worried about finding gluten-free options? Well, we have a variety of dishes for you to choose from. You'll have peace of mind when you dine with us, knowing that all your dietary needs are taken care of.

- We'll help you plan your wedding - You'll find that our restaurant is also wheelchair accessible. We are happy to welcome your pets as well, so you don't need to leave them at home. So that you don't need to wait or miss out on a wonderful evening, make a reservation with us – we'd be happy to prepare a table for you. All you need to do is contact us via e-mail info@pepegrillrestaurant.nl or telephone by calling +31575441615 to book a table. After your meal you can pay either with cash or with bank transfer, MasterCard, VISA, debit card or contactless payment. We also cater for private events. For further information on bookings please contact us. Are you planning your wedding and looking for a venue? We would be honoured to offer our services on your special day. You can stop by for a meal every day from 00:00 to 00:00.


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L. Dolfingweg 6, 7223 LZ Baak, Netherlands

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Our opening times

12:00 AM – 12:00 AM
12:00 AM – 12:00 AM
12:00 AM – 12:00 AM
12:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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12:00 AM – 12:00 AM
12:00 AM – 12:00 AM

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Mogelijkheden die wij u bieden

"De Molensteen" of "De Korendrager" 

Mogelijkheden die wij u bieden:

Ons restaurant is ieder dag open op afspraak voor partijen vanaf 8 personen.

    Grill arrangementen

    Koude en Warme Buffetten 



    Brunch / Lunch

    High tea  

    Borrelen bij De korendrager / Pepe





Voor inlichtingen en/of reserveringen ter plekke graag bellen naar 0575 441 615 of 06 22 69 39 68. Telefonisch of per mail zijn wij alle dagen bereikbaar. 

Beide ruimtes (De Korendrager en De Molensteen hebben een front cooking grill met een schitterende privé tuin, waar u bij mooi weer ideaal kunt vertoeven.



Onze rijke historie van restaurant de Korendrager

De gebouwen van Pepe grillrestaurant stammen uit de 17e eeuw. Naar men zegt, heeft de beul van Zutphen in het jaar 1604 opdracht gegeven tot de bouw van dit pand. 

Na vele bewoners kwam aan het eind van de vorige eeuw deze nederzetting in handen van de familie Kempers. Zij begon hier een agrarisch bedrijf dat koren maalde en runderen fokte.

In 1977 kreeg het pand een horecabestemming. In restaurant De Korendrager kunt u de voorwerpen nog zien, die gebruikt werden in de 'maalderij'; restaurant De Molensteen was vroeger de 'bollenschuur', waarin de stieren werden vetgemest.

U kunt daarbij kiezen voor de kleinere gelegenheid, genaamd De Molensteen (tot ca. 30 personen) of voor de grotere gelegenheid De Korendrager (tot maximaal 100 personen).



Momenteel zijn wij alleen geopend op aanvraag.

Momenteel zijn wij alleen geopend op aanvraag. Laat ons weten via het contactformulier wanneer je langs wilt komen. Onze minimale groepsgrootte is 8 personen.

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